Dubai Muncipality And Miyabi Japanese Fusion


Apollo Advertising LLC is a Dubai-based leading production company specialized in signboards, exhibition stands, POS & BTL material, interior work, and outdoor or indoor printing services. Our journey started back in 1988, and ever since, we have been serving clients in several industries in the UAE and GCC, leaving them satisfied with our impeccable work.

Our large facility is fully equipped with all the latest technology and machinery to execute projects, focusing on high quality and fast turnaround time. Our reputation makes us proud of all the great services we offer, from production and fabrication to maintenance and after sale service. We are fully committed to delivering high standards, which has made us gain customers' confidence in our signature collections and exquisite designs.

Today, Apollo Advertising provides a wide variety of production and installation services to promote your business and make it shine above others. Apollo's "one-stop-shop" shows a solid workflow, which includes extensive design capabilities, attention to design and production details, integrated facilities, and well-organized project management. Our team of skilled professionals follow a coherent and consistent plan to satisfy our customers' requirements. The key to the success of Apollo Advertising is a simple equation: providing the best services at very competitive prices, and therefore gaining clients' satisfaction.

At Apollo Advertising, we have a lot to give. From signage, to stands, to POSM, to printing, and maintenance, we provide our customers with a selection of the greatest products, which make them unique and give them their own special identity. Everything we do is executed by professionals in the market, making sure everything is delivered and done on time.

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At Apollo Advertising, our ambitions go beyond the horizon. Over the past few years, we have made a huge progress in becoming the lead company in the industry, as we always aim to be the best at what we do. We go the extra mile to deliver the highest-quality services, and this is how we always plan on being. We want Apollo Advertising to exceed the market, and become the best solution providers for signage facilities, exhibition displays, point of sale material, interior work, and printing services. We want you to turn to us for the easiest tasks, and the hardest ones. For us, nothing is impossible. Apollo Advertising wants to empower you and your brand, and delight you with our top services and great skills.

Our Vast Expertise

Behind our success lies a great group of the most devoted and talented people. During our 33 years of service, we focused on creating a well-built team of professionals; a team who is always willing to give their all for their company. At Apollo Advertising, we always aim to push ourselves to the limits, which is why we always provide trainings and work hard to keep up with the latest market trends. For us, teamwork is the most valuable asset, and each member of our company shares the same goal: leading Apollo to the top. We all implement our expertise in the business, and we are proud of what we have accomplished so far, thanks to our serious and hard-working team of experts.